Tips and reference for care of batteries

Batteries are consumption items. Mobile-Laden gives you several tips and suggestions for the correct care and employ of your battery. In this way you can use your battery longer and save money to buy a new one. Mobile-Laden gives you the answer to the most important questions about your battery!

Why is my battery empty in such a fast time?
The more you use your battery, the faster it will be empty. Relieve your battery by switching off some functions in your cellular phone, which you do not use, or switch them on just when you need them.

"Battery-Killer" are for example:

- Activated connections of Bluetooth, wireless LAN and GPS
- Frequent network searching
- Heat and Cold

How do I get the best performance from my new battery?
Batteries can learn! If you have just purchased your new battery, let it empty out completely. Completely means that you leave on your cellphone, digital camera, notebook until it switches off on its own, as the battery is empty. Afterwards charge your battery fully. Repeat this process at least 3 times. Then your battery should be at its best level of performance.

Can I get a better performance from my used battery?
It is possible under certain circumstances. Let empty out your battery always completely, then charge it again fully. If you repeat this process several times, the performance of your better could be better.

Where can I remove my old batteries?
As an end user you can give back your batteries or accumulators of the assorment at your purchase shop or send them back to the address of the corresponding dealer. You can also return accumulators and batteries at a local collecting place or in any store (everywhere where batteries are sold). If you wish to return your batteries and accumulators to us, please send them with enough postage to Dieter Hawelky, Nonnenstraße 6, 02826 Görlitz, Germany. Batteries and accumulators should not be thrown in your home-waste. Additional information can be found here (Information about battery legislation)

Please pay attention!
Batteries are consumption items. Even the battery with the best care will be not useable any more one day. In this case Mobile-Laden offers you a wide range of new batteries (Mobile-Laden Accus).